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A Model of Collaboration and Leader of Innovative Initiatives

China Lake Technologies, LLC (CLT) is a California headquartered LLC and wholly owned subsidiary of InSitech, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Foundation.  CLT operates on a fee-for-service basis. As a professional services firm, we provide commercialization, business and strategic planning assistance primarily to the Military and Other Government Agencies and some private sector clients.

As part of InSitech, CLT is redefining Collaborative Partnerships through proven experience in creating value and generating benefits for all parties. CLT provides various services and leads several initiatives as a Partnership Intermediary on behalf of the Navy’s NAWCWD at China Lake, California.

CLT has a seasoned and resourceful leadership team, with proven experience in the Military and private industry; capital markets and R&D sector enabling CLT to implement initiatives and deliver goals in collaboration with the Military.

A Gateway for Private Industry to Collaborate with the Military

CLT has a proprietary, proven methodology and comprehensive process for translating Military requirements into commercial verbiage, sourcing emerging technology providers for Military evaluation, and coordinating the exchange between all parties.

As an advocate for non-traditional and small business suppliers to the Military, CLT's efforts are accretive to the Military - helping the Government leverage past investment (i.e. Grants, SBIR, etc.) in companies, while expanding the supply base and creating jobs in the process.

In partnership with the Military, CLT delivers upon many objectives as outlined in Department of Defense Science Board recommendations, various DoD initiatives seeking to create partnerships and technology exchange, significant legislative support encouraging the broadening of collaboration and relationships with the private sector and the recent Quadrennial Defense Report.



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